Salomé Corte-Real
About me

My name is Salomé, and I came to this world in 1975. Since then I like parties, after about 20 years I started to take photos of parties, then the iPhone came and I become a expert on selfies. My brother is amazing and some times is just perfect!

Ols Al Rayan Area
Al Mokhtara 2 Compound Villa 17
Doha, Qatar

Av. 25 de Abril, nº68
Aveiro, Portugal

QATAR (+974) 5565 6642
PT (+351) 911 755 883

(c) Salomé Corte-Real

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CEO, Photographer, Edition Manager

Salomé Corte-Real

Photographer since ever! Teaching career and a lot of Photography sections, indoor and outdoor.

Ciência Vitae

IT management, Editor

Francisco Corte-Real

Long career in multimedia and IT production at different levels, starting as a sound technician at events, to programming in several languages, including photography, video and web design.
Photographer, Designer, Editor

Mary Peartree

Full-time photographer and social media developer, always sparkling for the new adventure with her camera!