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Dear Cláudia,
I am absolutely thrilled with your invitation. I would be most happy to be a part of the first Light and Media Digital Festival held in Qatar, LIGHT ME DOHA 2018.

So, I would propose for video projection, to develop a collection of portraits.
Having as a guide line the idea of "Bright Cities, Bright Lives", and putting the light on the people that make the cities alive, the idea of this project is to develop a collection of portraits, of the world wide nationalities we have living in Qatar, and to develop a collection of portraits that reflect that idea. The portraits will be developed having under consideration that their final use will be the projection if the images. My team will have two people, and I would be responsible for the team, the needed equipment as the projection it self.

If there is any question or idea you would like to discuss with me, please let me know, I would be most happy to do so.

Once again, thank you for invitation.
Looking forward to have news from you.
To you and your team.
Salomé Corte-Real

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1 Photographic Portrait Project, "Light Me Doha 2018"

Video projection of a collection of portraits, guided by the Theme "Bright Cities, Bright Lives", for the event LIGHT ME DOHA 2018

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