My interest, observation and contemplation towards photography is in me as long as I can remember. My professional path in photography started almost two decades ago, as a portrait, events and commercial photographer, while I was still finishing my studies at College in a Specialization in Photography. Also I have started my professional path as a photography teacher in Arts school by this time. My development as a photographer was made for a long time, aside with my practice as photography teacher in an Arts school. That experience, that I love so much, helped to develop my skills and knowledge, being connected with so many different people along all the processes of the photography production.

Since some years ago I have moved to Middle East and I have been working as a photographer, having Middle East as my common denominator.

My main interest in photography is people and their communication. The relationship between people, the relationship we have with ourselves, of how we are, how we feel at a certain moment or at a certain place, the places we have around us, the places we built, what do we expect from live, and how we live it. How photography interferes and helps us built our communication, legacy, expectations towards life.